You should consider many things before your trip . The following tips may be helpful in preparing you to travel. Before you go anywhere , do your research on the country you intend to visit and it is good to learn a few phrases in the local language .

It would be a good idea to organize a complementary health insurance and travel insurance. To have your proof of insurance coverage, and give a copy to someone at home . Earn the required vaccines if needed. If you are taking medications with you , make sure they are in their original packaging . Do you have a prescription for any controlled drugs , and if you use syringes , it is advisable to have a medical certificate with you . Leave copies at home .

Make sure your passport has not expired and is valid for six months from the time of your trip . Keep a photocopy of the first page of your identity and have it separate from where you get your passport . Leave another copy with someone at home . Make sure you get the visa you need. Keep the original receipts for purchases you make , as well as for the hotel
bill , the agreement for the rental car bills and medical services.