Sun and Sea

Just as the Greek summer is intrinsically linked the sea and all the joys it offers, so the summer in the Peloponnese is all about exploring dozens of wonderful beaches and having unforgettable experiences. A plethora of different beaches await the traveller, and some of these have been distinguished as being among the best in the entire Mediterranean region. Who doesn’t dream of diving into the crystal waters of Simos in Elafonisos and the exotic Voidokilia in Pylos, or sunning themselves on the golden sands of Finikounda and exploring the emerald bays of Argolida? There are so many beaches to choose from in the Peloponnese, and the best thing is that no two are exactly alike.

As the coastline and landscape changes, so do the beaches and the seas: from the coast of the Myrtoo Sea with its deep blue waters, small white pebbles and wild brush, the sands of Argolida and its vast olive groves, to the rocky coves of Mani and the long stretches of golden sand in Messinia, all the way to the seemingly endless beaches of Corinth – it is all here.

Summer at the Peloponnesian seaside offers a unique opportunity for relaxing under the warm sun and in the crystal waters. What style you choose is up to you: you can go for the deserted beaches of Cavo Malia and the coasts of Myrtoo, or the bustling resorts of Porto Heli and Messinia; you can lie alone under the pine trees of Epidaurus or go for the organised beaches on the Gulf of Corinth.

Activities and Adventures

For the active and athletic traveller, the Peloponnese has no bounds. It is like a huge outdoor sports space, an endless and legendary arena. From its snow-capped mountains and ski centres to its golden beaches, the adventure changes and action takes the front-row seat.

The Peloponnese boasts some of the best hiking trails in Greece and it is not just the natural environment that is waiting to be discovered on these wanderings because when you are on foot you discover places and things that you may otherwise have driven right past. Other than legendary landscapes, you will discover forgotten monuments of culture, deserted villages set off the beaten track and unique people.

Beyond its hiking trails, the Peloponnese also offers horse rides in northern Parnonas, rock climbing in Langada and Cavo Malia, rafting on the Alfeios and Ladonas rivers, to canyoning on Vyros and Rintomo. And this is not to mention the water sports and fascinating scuba-diving and snorkelling adventures that open a whole new window of opportunity for exploring the region’s marine life. The images you take back home are unparalleled (especially from the southern Peloponnese, where the sea is warm and crystal clear) and, of course, you can explore and entire sunken part of the region’s history: In Plytra, the shipwrecks in Zombolos and Navarino, the Roman-era sarcophagi of Sapientza, the marine meadows of Venetiko and the underwater cliffs of Cavo Grosso.

Travellers who are fans of nature, of the mountains and the sea, as well as adrenaline junkies will find what they need in the mythic Peloponnese experience.

Land of Myths

Other nations have their heroes and collections of myths, but none have the glory of the world-renowned Heracles.

The Peloponnese is where ancient Greek mythology places many of this hero’s adventures and there are hundreds of spots in the region whose own histories are intrinsically linked to his achievements. Discovering these spots is like discovering a whole new geography of the Peloponnese, with the journey in his footsteps beginning in his beloved Tiryns (Tiryntha today), then on to Stymphalia, Argos, all over Laconia and to the banks of the Neda River – in fact, there are few places in the Morea that do not boast a Heracles tale.

The Peloponnese is – together with Troy – the main exhilarating setting of Homer’s epic tales. In the forests, rivers and ancient ports of the Peloponnese, scenes from “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” come to life. This is where you will find the fortress of the great military commander Agamemnon, the castles of Nestor and Menelaus, here is the site of Helen of Troy’s infidelity, and so many other significant incidents. Of all the regions of the Peloponnese, Sparta and Argolida are more closely linked to mythology and the Homeric epics.

Travelling this mythical land is truly the best way to reread two of the most fascinating accounts of world literature.