Argolis and Mycenae

In Ancient Mycenae you will see the ruins of a prehistoric acropolis. Fortress , surrounded the city , was built of huge stone blocks , which gave rise to the legend of the Cyclops built it . Now, the legendary city museum is located, is famous for its royal tombs XV - XVI centuries . Lion Gate, the Mycenaean palace of the kings and the famous tomb of King Agamemnon . Nafplion town is named for its founder - the son of Poseidon Nafplio. Son of the Nafplio - Palamedes participated headed fellow in the Trojan War , and was considered among the Greeks big inventor . He invented a unit measure , weight, navigation methods , letters and drafts. In 1828 I. Kapodistrias arranged in Nafplion capital of independent Greece . Although appointed by the great powers , the King of Greece , Otto moved the capital to Athens as early as 1833 , Nafplion still maintained the charm of a small capital. There are three fortresses . Symbol of the city - Bourtzi fortress bordering sea waves . Two others - Acronafplia and Palamidi , built during the second Venetian rule , are located above the city. You will have the opportunity to stroll through the streets of the old town, full of inexpressible charm, and visit the waterfront .
Epidaurus . Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus Sanctuary of Asclepius can be safely placed among the top ten most important monuments of antiquity , being one of the most famous in antiquity medical schools . For healing had to live here for a while , praying and following the instructions of doctors priests. Complex prescriptions called "diet" mode and included walking, food, water treatment , treatment drugs, exercise, music and theater. Occupies a special place dream patients slept outdoors. For musical and theatrical events for the glory of the gods at Epidaurus was built in 330 - 320 years. BC Poliklet architect , the world-famous theater - acoustic phenomenon which is unique worldwide . In the theater, 55 rows , which can accommodate 13-14 thousand spectators. Every summer weekend six in a row in July and August in the theater festival of ancient drama . Six of the best Greek theaters stage plays Aeschylus , Sophocles , Euripides and Aristophanes . The theater is better to sit in the lowest ranks of honorary audience , and in the middle : hear well, and pines, mountains against the sky Dying and cicadas in the spotlight to make the best scenery in the world .