The classic city tour consists of visits to the Acropolis and its museum, and 1.5 hours to the main sights of Athens . In old Athens who are not familiar with the Western European varieties of monuments of different eras and styles - Gothic , Renaissance , Baroque succeeded one another until Athens had reached the darkness of Ottoman rule . What deserves to fly here from both ends of the world - the legendary Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum , one of the foremost in the world's richest collections of ancient Greek art originals. And many ancient ruins scattered around the city and surrounding area , Byzantine churches , monasteries and old two-storey Athens . Acropolis - one of the most important monuments of world art . All buildings are built on the slope of pale marble quarried on Mount Pentelikon north of Athens .
Over time loses white marble , acquiring warm yellowish. In the Acropolis Museum kept true masterpieces of ancient Greek sculpture. National Panathenaic Stadium ( royal ) garden Zappeio Constitution Square - Syntagma Buildings of Athens University and the Academy of Sciences and the National Library of Hadrian Temple of Olympian Zeus.